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It's late Friday afternoon. You have your service crew coming in on overtime this weekend. Your customer's fleet must be serviced and on the road early Monday morning. Do you want to depend on the toughest, most reliable equipment on the market today, backed up by over 30 years of service experience? Or do you want the bargain brand you picked up "for a really good price"? Make the wise choice!

Helliwell Equipment Services Inc. is a distributor of vehicle servicing products. Our main product line is Graco lubrication equipment. Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Helliwell Equipment Services Inc. is one of the top five distributors in North America for these products. We can assist you in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining the ideal system for your lubrication needs whether you're a small single bay shop, a fast lube, a car dealership, truck or transit facility.
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