Who We Are

Helliwell Equipment Services Inc. is a distributor of vehicle servicing products. Our main product line is Graco lubrication equipment. We handle vehicle service fluids including oils, coolants, compressed air, high pressure wash and more.

Our Mission

    We can assist you in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining the ideal system for your lubrication needs whether you're a small single bay shop, a fast lube, a car dealership, truck or transit facility. We also work with the top rated designers in the industry to meet your needs. Whether you're a putting up a brand new facility or updating existing systems, make the right call.

Why Us

> Quality Products

> Knowledgeable Staff

> Competitive Pricing

> Unmatched Service

The Lubrication Equipment Specialists

What We Do

We can provide you with systems for:

- Hydraulic Oils
- Transmission Fluids
- Anti-Freeze
- Windshield Washer Fluid
- Waste Oil
- DEF (diesel exhuast fluid)
- High Pressure Wash
- Compressed Air
- Nitrogen
and more...

Download Graco's Buyers Guide

Graco Pulse Pro

SaniForce Sprayers

Pulse Level Monitoring

Graco Line Card


Lubrication pumps

We offer full repair service for most makes.


Lubrication Hose Reels

Full repair or replacement services for most makes.


Metered Dispense Guns

Repair or replacement service for most makes.


Waste Fluid Systems

Full repair or replacement for most makes.


High Pressure Wash

Repair or replacement service for reels, booms & guns.


Compressed Air

Repair of all compressed air related equipment.


New Construction

Make us your first call

We provide installation service for the equipment we supply on new construction sites. Our personnel are fully qualified and certified to meet jobsite requirements in Ontario.

Updates and System Renos

Even if the building is operational

Our crews are experienced and able to work around your shop with minimal interuption to your day to day function.


We will work with you

If you have a project in mind we can provide some simple sketches for you. We also work with the industry's cutting edge designers to bring your visions to life.

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